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Look Good and Feel Great at the Adrian Image Center!

People naturally want to look good, and Adrian Image Center provides Lenawee County residents and visitors with a great facility to take care of all their needs. Tan quickly and affordably in our Tanning Salon, get back into shape at our Fitness Center, and get your car and clothes clean so you’re looking great with your new image! Conveniently located on M-52, we have helped thousands of customers to look good and feel great!

  • Benefits of Moisturizing And Tanning

    Moisturize and tanningMoisturizing and tanning can have many benefits for keeping skin healthy and looking young. Learning the best techniques and methods will allow you to get the most out of your routine.

    Top Benefits for Regular Moisturizing

    Rehydrating dry skin. Water is a vital part of the proper functioning of the skin. The regular application of a moisturizer can help rehydrate the skin.

    Anti-aging benefits. Healthy and hydrated skin produces a glow. That

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  • How to Add Exercise into Your Daily Routine

    Exercise in Daily RoutineYou lead a busy life. Between work, friends, and family it can seem like there is little or no time left for exercise. And yet, exercise needs to be a priority. If you want to live a healthy and vital life, and look and feel your best, then you’ll want to take these steps to help make it a habit and part of your daily routine.

    Start Small

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  • A Clean Car Helps Allergy Sufferers

    Clean car to prevent allergiesYou might be surprised to learn that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. This is important for allergy sufferers to remember. If you have allergies, you can be stuck in a difficult position. The inside of your car is contaminated, but you don’t want to roll down the windows because the air outside is full of pollen. So what can you do?

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  • Setting Healthy Exercise Goals to Last All Year

    Healthy Exercise  GoalsYou know you’re supposed to exercise. It’s good for your health and longevity, and exercise also makes it easier to achieve and maintain weight loss goals. But many people find that setting and keeping their exercise goals is nearly impossible. The key to success is to set good goals. Let’s talk about what a healthy exercise goal looks like, and then offer a few tips to help you

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