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Look Good and Feel Great at the Adrian Image Center!

People naturally want to look good, and Adrian Image Center provides Lenawee County residents and visitors with a great facility to take care of all their needs. Tan quickly and affordably in our Tanning Salon, get back into shape at our Fitness Center, and get your car and clothes clean so you’re looking great with your new image!

Conveniently located on M-52, we have helped thousands of customers to look good and feel great!


  • Tanning Tips for Visiting the Beach

    summer tanning tips at the beachTake a break from normal work schedules and visit the beach for some relaxation! But, remember that outdoor tanning safely requires some basic tanning tips in order to protect your skin and your health, especially if you haven’t established a base tan first.

    The sun is hot (obviously), but don’t tan during the hottest time of the day. The

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  • Exercises to do While on Vacation

    summer vacation and exerciseAre you planning a vacation this summer? Taking a break and get-away at a different location is a great way to rejuvenate and get motivated for projects and goals when you return back home. If you’ve been trying to follow an exercise routine at your local fitness center, you don’t have to waste all that hard work while you’re on

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  • Get Better Suntan Results and Skin Care with the Basic Four

    Better suntan results and skin careGetting a great suntan requires more than just lying on the beach, baking for hours; or visiting a tanning salon and coming out “just right”. A great suntan also involves preparing and protecting your skin and following some basic skin care recommendations to help that tan glow. In the professional tanning industry, the basic four includes four types

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  • Fitness Trivia – The Hula Hoop!

    Trivia Hula HoopDid you guess our fitness trivia on Facebook?

    Here’s some interesting tidbits about a fun toy and great fitness tool:

    Clue #1 – Some of the earliest people to use this for exercise were the Greeks.

    Clue #2 – It used to be made of bamboo or grasses.

    Clue #3 – After obtaining the trademark and starting mass-production, 20 million were

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  • Careful Exercise – Combining Indoor Exercise with Outdoor Activities

    careful exercise for summer fitness trainingIt happens all too often, someone who appears healthy suddenly gets injured when participating in an infrequent game of their favorite outdoor sport, hike through the woods, or canoe trip down the river. Outdoor activities are a great way of keeping fit and active, but if you’ve been sedentary over the winter months, jumping

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  • Fitness Toning – Getting Ready for Bikini Season

    fitness toning for bikini seasonThe bright flowers peeking out all over and the warmer temperatures prove that we are getting closer to summer, and bikini season. If you’ve been inactive over the winter months because you knew you could hide beneath a bulky sweater, it’s time to get ready for bikini season – or whatever beach attire you’re comfortable

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