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Look Good and Feel Great at the Adrian Image Center!

People naturally want to look good, and Adrian Image Center provides Lenawee County residents and visitors with a great facility to take care of all their needs. Tan quickly and affordably in our Tanning Salon, get back into shape at our Fitness Center, and get your car and clothes clean so you’re looking great with your new image!

Conveniently located on M-52, we have helped thousands of customers to look good and feel great!


  • Spring is Here – Get Your Tan Ready!

    Suntan woman Spring Tan TimeFinally, the sunshine breaks through the winter doldrums, and people are looking forward to being outdoors again. Rushing into the warmer seasons takes careful planning if you are new to tanning, so consider these spring tips at getting your tan ready.

    Hydrate with Lots of Lotion and Water

    No matter where you’re tanning, indoors or outdoors, using lots of lotion to

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  • 5 Tips Before Starting a New Fitness Workout Program

    Spring Fitness WorkoutSpringtime often brings renewed energy to try new lifestyle changes, like better diet and eating habits, dedicated exercise workouts, and better sleeping schedules. There are many different types of fitness workout programs, and they can help improve many systems within your body.

    As a caution, if you are new to cardio exercising, you should first check with your doctor to see if

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  • Weight Loss Success – a Story from Jonathan

    My name is Jonathan, I have tried everything to lose weight in the last six years with no real results. In 2012 I started eating a balanced diet and I was able to lose some weight, after five months I lost about 60 pounds, then I hit a plateau and for a period of about four months I continued the diet but didn’t lose any more weight.

    So in January 2013, I decided to combine my diet with an exercise

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  • Can Indoor Tanning Help S.A.D.?

    winter sunshine Fabulous TanSeasonal Affective Disorder affects many people as winter sets in, but can indoor tanning help with this problem?

    According to WebMD, there are actually two seasonal patterns for SAD, and what is often known as winter depression affects people this time of year. Many believe that the reduced levels of sunlight during the winter months affects the hormones that the brain produces, and SAD can develop. Sometimes this brings

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